Finally, a simple, straightforward guide answering the most common financial questions!

  • What is the biggest financial mistake most Americans make?
  • How can I reach financial independence?
  • What are 401(k) and IRA plans and why should I sign up for one?
  • Life Insurance, do I really need it?
  • What type should I get?
  • How can I buy a car without getting ripped off?
  • Why am I not getting promoted at work?
  • I’m sending out resumes, why am I not getting interviews?
  • I’m getting interviews, why am I not getting job offers?
  • I want to buy a house. What are escrow, title insurance, mortgage brokers and real estate agents?
  • Those timeshare condos and vacation clubs look pretty good. Are they?
  • What exactly are mutual funds and why do I need them?

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